Wednesday, September 05, 2007


That's it. I'm determined to try preparing my own sushi. Making sushi in London seems much easier than in Sofia, I can tell. At least you can buy all the ingredients from the local Tesco and not running throughout the whole city exploring if the stores probably sell the necessary ingredients.
I bought a bamboo rolling mat and sushi rice yesterday, but the nori and rice vinegar were out of stock :( Sadly. I have two options now... wait for a couple of days until these products are back in stock, or go and try a bit farther located Japanese shop, bursting with choice of Japanese-made goods.
People are very friendly in this shop, but I am lost with all the varieties of products. That's where I learned about the Eat Japan 2007 event.
Besides, I have a special occasion these days, and I hope to be good enough to dare even my own design and flavour sushi.
Wait a photo report these days if everything is successful, and
wish me luck!

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