Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pudding&Biscuits Cake

If you have grown up in Bulgaria in the 80s, you surely remember the common biscuits cake dessert. I remember it traditionally with grated chocolate on top, plain biscuits, which are not easy to be find nowadays, and pink jelly dessert.

As I previously mentioned, the idea was suggested by Flickr friend Galya (thanks!).
I used petit beurre biscuits, soaked in aromatic dark rum, two pudding desserts - chocolate and vanilla, dark cherries, almond powder and honey for topping.
It's really a very easy dessert, allowing improvisation in the recipe.
Layer all the ingredients starting with the biscuits then pudding, biscuits, pudding, cherries and end with pudding. Store in a fridge overnight and then reverse and serve until chilled :)


Kate said...

i saw this on flickr and was tempted by it instantly.It looks delicious and gr8 on presentation too. U have a fine blog here.

Alita said...

Thank you very much!

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