Thursday, October 18, 2007

Spicy Beef and Cheddar FIllo Triangles

Last time when I finally found these fillo I bought more, so to have in stock :) Now these are the same triangles but with other filling - it's spicy beef and cheddar.
You need about 250 gr of fillo sheets (half a pack) - proceed with them as indicated in the previous post.

for the filling:
about 200 gr of beef mince
one large onion
80 gr chopped tomatoes
50 gr mature cheddar
vegetable oil
a pinch of nutmeg, of salt, of white pepper, of ground cumin, of basil, of thyme, chives and parsley. Let the smell lead you.
I think it would be nice to add half a roasted and peeled bell pepper (yellow or red).

In a sauce pan heat some 50 ml oil and add the copped onion. When it starts to caramelise add the beef mince, then the herbs and at the end the tomatoes. Leave to simmer for 10-15 minutes.
One or two minutes before removing from heat add the cheddar.

Use a teaspoon as a measure to fill the triangles.


Kate said...

spicy beef and cheese is a fantastic combination. bu i didnt see any chilli in your recipe
i'd love to add some hot green chillies very finely chopped to it. it goes really well with cheese.u should try it sometime

Alita said...

Yeah, I think it would work well, but then you'll have to reduce some of the other spices as white pepper and cayenne, because it will become really hot :)
I should try however, thanks for suggestion!
Cheers :)

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