Friday, April 25, 2008

Food I miss

Most of all I miss the true Bulgarian yogurt. Although one can find here lots of types of yogurt - stirred, set, live bio cultures, fruit, fruit and oats, low-fat, Greek-style, Turkish yogurt, etc, none of these is close to the Bulgarian in taste.
Most of the yogurts are creamy and stirred - different in appearances and consistency from the Bulgarian.
Some of them contain even salt - far from the mild taste of real Bulgarian yogurt.

But the worse thing is that none can quench your thirst as the real Bulgarian yogurt does.
So, I decided to try making my own yogurt, using the same techniques that my grand mother used. I chose organic milk and the result was really good, but still not like the original, still something was missing.

For the next time I should use wole milk and maybe add some double cream to it. I also plan to add extra lactobacillus bulgaricus to the milk for more authentic result.


Andreea said...

i am very curious about this home made yoghurt - beautiful pot

Mango Power Girl said...

I hear ya sista on home-made and traditional yogurts! I just made this Indian yogurt dish and boy, and it makes a big difference to have the traditional stuff. I like the colors and simplicity here.

Lael said...

I linked to you from Aapplemint and have so enjoyed looking through your posts! you have beautiful photography and a very appealing array of recipes. I hope you manage to work out your yogurt recipe to truly bring Bulgaria to your kitchen. I think it's so cool how powerful of a hold the memory of food can have!

Kate / Kajal said...

I;ve never tasted Bulgarian Yougurt. Is it any diff frm the regular stuff?
We Indians also make yogurt at home a lot, but usually my mum does it. i always just buy some...lazy !!!

Alita said...

Hello :)

Thanks for the comments and opinion, and sorry for the late reply, I've had (and still have) Internet problems :(

Mango power girl, Kate/kajal - I am curious to try how the Indian yogurt tastes like.
The Bulgarian is thirst-quenching.

Lael, thank you so much :)

Andreea - thank you :) I'll post the exact recipe when I perfect it well :)

Anonymous said...

can you post the ingredients and directions to make it?

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