Thursday, January 10, 2008

Creme Caramel

The thing I like most about creme caramel, is that it is so easy and fool proof :)

Almost every recipe that you try on it will result in a delicious result, it will always be successful, no matter how many different recipes you follow.

After the exhausting holidays and post-holidays period, a little bit of comfort food will do well.

For this creme caramel, or burnt cream as it is also known, I used :

1 l cow's milk

about 300 gr sugar

vanilla (I like it with more vanilla)

8 eggs

Beat the eggs with about 100 gr of sugar, add the vanilla and the milk.

The only recommendation that I stick to is not to beat the eggs with a mixer, but to whisk them for not more than 2 minutes.

In a tin or cups burn sugar to make the caramel. Be careful because it doesn't have to actually burn, just to achieve this golden caramel color.

Wait several minutes to tighten and then pour on the milk and eggs mixture.

Put the tin and cups in the oven, in a roasting tin, half-filled with water, the so called - bain marie. Bake for one hour and a half on about 140 degrees, or until golden brown on top.

The next important thing is to be careful that the water in the roasting tin will not go boiling. If it is about to start, add more cold water.

Serve hot or cold. I prefer it cold.


Mango Power Girl said...

I see you've got Spring there ;) believe me this is a dessert I don't dig as much you made it look very appealing...Nice bokeh & great colors!

Alita said...

:) yes, Spring is on the way :)
thank you! :)

Zen Chef said...

One of my favorite dessert ever!
I love it!

Kate / Kajal said...

Alita , i must say that does look so delicately soft and irresistible. I've never been a fan of crème caramel, but this one seems to get all my attention. Love the tulips back there.Makes the picture so inviting.

White On Rice Couple said...

This recipe looks so easy to make and you make it look even better with the photography! We love caramel and this will be a perfect dessert for our next party, Thanks!

gimli said...

I think it's time to work on the next one :)

Mae said...

This looks so enticing to my eyes! Gorgeous photos!

Alita said...

Thanks guys!

@zen_chef - :)

@kate/kajal - it was just a tiny bit too sweet for me, but the structure was just as I like it :)

@white on rice couple - yay! I'm happy you've chosen to try this dessert :)

@gimli - patience, patience, I'm preparing a massive update these days :)

@mae - I am really happy to receive such a compliment especially by you! Thank you!

Kate / Kajal said...

hello dear ... where are you ...missing for too long ?

Alita said...

I'm coming, I'm coming :)
A bit busy with other things these days, but I'll be back this week :)

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