Tuesday, February 09, 2010

#6 Valentine's Day Soup

Beetroot Soup 1/3

With the St Valentine's Day upcoming, stay away of the clichéed sweet desserts and show your affection to the loved ones with this decorative cold soup instead :)
The beetroot is a top choice for this occasion not only for its colour but for its sweet taste.

For 3-4 servings

Beetroot soup

250 gr sliced cooked beetroot
4 celery sticks - chopped
1 large potato - chopped
1 vegetable stock
a pinch of sea salt

100 ml single cream

beetroot for decoration

Boil the vegetable stock, add the chopped potato and the celery sticks. Reduce the heat and simmer. When the vegetables have softened add the beetroot. Simmer for more 5 minutes and leave aside to cool.
Blend the mixture, then return to the heat, add the single cream, heat trough. Leave to cool, decorate and serve.

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Galya said...

super sweet :)

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