Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fresh Fresh Fresh and Raw

The healthiest way to consume fruit and vegetables is sans doute - fresh and raw, so that all the vitamins can be absorbed by the body and nothing is lost during cooking. The most important - fresh fruit and vegetables contain water, which is much better than the drinking water, something your body will be grateful for.
Watermelon is one of my most favourite fruits, it provides fibres, vitamin C, and beta carotene. It contains 6% sugar and 92% of water, helps you stay hydrated and is even a low-calories fruit (as most of the fruit and vegs by the way).
The best way to eat watermelon is directly after it's been harvested from the field, the store-bought watermelon won't have this unbelievable freshness.
So instead of a cooked dish let me share with you this fresh raw watermelon!


Galya said...

For me, nothing beats watermelon on the beach! You harvest it in the morning (or even better, your father does this for you ;), take it down to the beach (arguing along the way who is going to carry this heavy load ;) and hide it in the sea water, preferably near a solid rock, so it does'n escape ;) You then soak the sun for a while, go for a nice, energizing swim and only then you are allowed to cut the now cool and refreshed watermelon... Heaven!

God, I miss my childhood!

Joy said...

MMMmm watermelon is THE BEST! I have been eating a lot more raw recently and love it :)

Sneige said...

I think I'll be having watermelons until next week, can't get enough of them!

I can imagine on the beach - it's good enough even without including childhood memories, which usually make ting better x2

Joy, it's energising, isn't it?

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