Thursday, November 10, 2011

Olives from Spain cooking class at Food at 52

Back in August a friend was very kind to offer me the prize she won in a draw during Food Bloggers Connect 2011. And this prize was a one-day cooking class of Spanish food with young and talented chef Omar Allibhoy.
And this friend was Artemis from Wonderfoodland. And the cooking course was offered by Olives from Spain.
The cooking course took place at the popular and personal Food at 52 cookery school in London.
It was 4 hours of fun with nice people, delicious olives, amazing food, great Spanish wines and bold flamenco music.

spanish tapas class

I enjoyed every second if it! All the food we cooked was so delicious I hurried to prepare it at home as well!

Actually I think cooking experience is a great gift idea, even for beginner cooks!

On the day we cooked:

2. Fried queen olives stuffed with Manchego cheese (check the official video of Olives from Spain below)

3. Braised Andalusian chicken with olives

4. Amanida salad

6. Pan fried sea bass with olives and piquillo peppers

The video I recorded with my iphone has more atmospheric purpose that actually showing exactly the whole recipes. Actually I was supposed to be cooking there and taking high quality pictures or video is a demanding business which means I would not be able to cook. So I just took the iphone with me and tried to record as much as I could in the meantime.

I am going to give some of the recipes I cooked at home in later posts.

I hope you're going to enjoy it!

And the professional video recipe for the Manchego Stuffed Queen Olives:


Dzoli said...

What a nice friend you have.And this looks like lots of fun .And you learn heaps along the way:)hanks for sharing:)

Sarah, Maison Cupcake said...

Looks like a super evening, how lucky you were able to go!

Sneige said...

Thank you, Dzoli!

Sarah, I really was lucky, they changed the date once and then changed the time, and if they hadn't change the time I probably wouldn't make it, but when I saw the mail on the day before with the new time, I was so happy I knew it was possible to make it! :)

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