Sunday, May 13, 2012

Strawberry and Apple Crumble with Carob Flour

Have you ever made a crumble? I tried for the very first time some months ago, what a shame, isn't it?
There are some desserts that are so easy to make one might never consider them as they are of no challenge at all. I can't tell what the reason was for me to overlook this incredibly tasty dessert for so long, provided I already love all the ingredients together and on their own, but I had to prepare it some time ago when helping my friend Sarka Babicka on a an assignment. I instantly loved it!

Strawberry and Apple Crumble

For a crumble it's best to use juicy fruits that would make a nice sauce. Since strawberries are in season, that was the obvious choice.
I've made some with rhubarb and apples as well, but taste check showed strawberry and apples worked much better in our family.

The good points of a crumble are:

1.there is plenty of fruit dough at all
3.the crust is made of oat flakes, which are good for you

Strawberry and Apple Crumble with carob flour and cinnamon

You can also make some changes in the recipe and make it completely vegan if you use other source of fat than butter, in case you're into this kind of things.
I myself sticked to the good old butter.

To please my son who was asking for chocolate in the crust, I added the caffeine-free carob flour and his favourite cinnamon spice. Cinnamon works so well with apples too. I have the feeling it would work perfect with cherries, and a cherry crumble will most surely be the next thing to try when cherries are widely available and ripe enough.

And of course strawberries and vanilla are a favourite combo.
I asked for other spices to use with strawberries and got the wonderful suggestions by the Botanical Baker - cumin sugar, chilli flakes or basil syrup - looking forward to try that too!

I have the feeling a basil ice cream will complement perfectly a cup of crumble too! (That's the next to try)

For the Strawberry and Apple crumble

Strawberry and Apple Crumble

(makes one 20 cm large dish, ca 6 servings)

20 g butter for the dish

250 g ripe but firm strawberries - halved
3 medium-sized apples - Royal Gala or Golden Delicious chopped
2 tbsp golden caster sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract

*1 tsp corn flour (optional) - I didn't use

for the crust

65 g porridge oats
50 g flour
50 g golden caster sugar
1 tbsp carob flour
pinch of cinnamon
80 g unsalted butter - softened


First prepare the crust:

In a deep bowl mix all the ingredients until very well combined, make one big ball, the butter shall keep it all together. Place in the freezer for 10 minutes to harden.

In the meantime butter the dish and distribute the fruit. Sprinkle with sugar and vanilla.

Remove the crust from the freezer and make relatively big crumbles. Cover the fruit.

Bake in a 180-190 C preheated oven for 50 minutes.

DSC_0Strawberry and Apple Crumble094s


Solange said...

Where do you get caffeine free carob flour, I have never heard of it>

Sneige said...

|I bought it from Bulgaria, but have seen it in online shops, like this

Hannah said...

This looks delicious, perfect for the upcoming strawberry season!

Sneige said...

Thanks, Hannah!
We actually had quite a lot of strawberries! British strawberries seem to be my most favourite - sweet, flavoursome and delicious! I think I prefer them over the imported ones!

Gourmandize UK - Ireland said...

This looks delicious, I love how your crumble is actually a lot darker than I'm used to seeing, it makes it look very rustic. I was wondering if you’d like to enter this recipe into our Gourmandize Giveaway recipe competition. This month the theme is apples so it would be perfect, and there are nice prizes to win – let me know what you think:



Sneige said...

Thank you very much Laurence!
It is darker because of the carob flour which is very much like cocoa powder :)

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