Friday, February 08, 2013

A 5 Minute Meal - Eggs in Garlicky Yogurt Sauce

Qjca po Panagyurski

Are you so busy and with so little time left that even stacking a sandwich for lunch seems like impossible job ms of the days? Have you been watching Jamie Oliver's 15 minutes meals and wishing you were as skillful and fast as he is?
Well if that's the case I've got a recipe for you. It's full with fats and proteins and lacks the carbohydrates which we all should avoid anyway. And that makes it good if you're trying to eat low carb. You need very few ingredients that probably would already be in your fridge - butter, eggs, yogurt and feta + garlic and paprika.
It's an adaptation of traditional Bulgarian recipe called Яйца по Панагюрски (Eggs Panagyurishte-style) and consists in poached eggs in garlicky yogurt sauce. I don't really fancy runny poached eggs so to poach them takes me too long. But I found a way to cheat it - my method is to make something between scrambled eggs and an omelette in a pan and then cut to stripes and serve in the garlicky sauce.
The most delicious part of the total recipe has always been the paprika heated in little bit of butter until it just turns colour - no more than 20 seconds.

All yours and ready to eat in 5 minutes or less if you're fast enough.

The smell of paprika in heated olive oil - always transports me back to childhood afternoons  under the vine trees at the back of my grandparents' town house where I first got familiar with this taste. These days will never come back but the memory is evoked every time with the smell of sweet paprika in heated oil. I guess that's why I am so found of it :)

5 minute meal

Here you go!

(Serves 1)
 2 eggs
A litle bit of butter - around 5 grams

80  g feta cheese crumbled
4 tablespoons of Greek-style yogurt - go for the full fat - no carbs in it.
2 small cloves of garlic

1 tsp good quality paprika
10 ml olive oil 

My method:
First heat the pan and melt the butter. Crack the eggs inside and with a spatula break the yolks a bit so it starts to look like omelette. Fry on one side for 1 minute.
In the meantime crumble the feta in your serving bowl, add the crushed garlic and the yogurt - mix.
Turn the eggs on the other side for another minute. When ready slice with the spatula and add to he yogurt mix.
In the hot pan heat the oil and add the paprika - it does not require too much cooking as the paprika would burn very quickly and go bitter - I don't leave it more than 20 seconds.
Pour over the eggs and your lunch is ready!


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