Thursday, January 16, 2014

Viennese Sandwich biscuits with Chestnut Ganache cream

I am not really fond of chestnuts. They have a nice nutty flavour but there's also a but of sweetness and blandness in them and because of that I can't say they are a favourite. For the same reason I still got a can of chestnut purée in my cupboard and that was one very hard to obtain, I remember, some time ago, as it is only available around Christmas. (Quite like the ready pumpkin purée that can be found around Halloween and then almost impossible.)
I have been looking for ideas what to do with the chestnut purée as it's expiry date was round the corner and throwing away food is just so wrong. First I was musing about some easy recipe like putting in entire can into a dough and probably bake cupcakes but I soon realised I wouldn't like the result quite as much as I expected, and throwing away food that I have spent time cooking is even wronger.
It became apparent that chestnut purée will work best in a creamy environment and more like so with chocolate. So I gave up the plans for a quiet, fuss-free and washing-up free creation. It had to be done the passionate way - with a result to die for. The chestnut purée was about to become a rich dark chocolate ganache and chestnut purée whipped cream!
The other part was easy - my favourite biscuits that I quite miss since I am in the UK - the soft yet crumbly shortbread biscuits sandwiched with cream are not too popular here. I was able to find some under the name of Viennese swirls in Waitrose though, just to remember how much I like them and to confirm tat these are my favourite biscuits of all. Of course I had to make chocolate Viennese swirls to join together with my chestnut and chocolate ganache - heaven!
I had a batch of piping bags ready and that made the whole process a bit cleaner. The swirl biscuits are relatively easy to make - the only thing to consider is to leave enough space between them as they will expand and flatten a bit during baking. Otherwise no freezing or chilling required unlike other shortbread recipes.
I made these the day before and oh, on the next morning! The cream had soften the biscuits a bit more and the flavours blended well together - yes, these definitely are a favourite!

Viennese biscuits with Chestnut Ganache Cream


(makes around 40 individual biscuits)
50 g icing sugar
250 g soft butter
1 tsp vanilla essence
230 g plain flour
20 g cocoa
50 g corn flour


Beat the butter and sugar until creamy and add the flour and cocoa. At that stage knead with hands until the dough is soft enough. I used a piping bag with a nozzle attached but though that a cookie press might work better as the dough is a bit hard. However it will soften a bit more in the process.
Line a baking sheet with baking paper and squeeze the piping bag to make the roses. Arrange them with at least an inch space between them.
Bake immediately (without putting them in the fridge) at 180 degrees for 15 minutes. 

Chestnut and dark chocolate ganache

Cream is enough for two doses of biscuits - so reduce by half or keep  in the fridge and use within a week.


200 ml double cream
150 g dark chocolate
400 g chestnut purée
1/2 tsp vanilla essence


Heat the double cream but don't let it boil. Remove from heat and add the chopped chocolate pieces into it. Keep stirring gently until dissolves. Leave to cool down, cover with clingfilm and put in the fridge for 1-2 hours.
Beat the chestnut purée with/or without some sugar. Beat the cooled ganache with the mixer for a minute and add the chestnut purée. Add the vanilla essence and continue to beat until homogeneous.

Join the ready biscuits with the cream.
They will taste even better on the next day.

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