Monday, January 15, 2007


Moussaka is a traditional Balkan and Middle Eastern meal.

In Bulgaria, unlike in Greece, it is generally made from potatoes and minced meat with a milky topping, but it can also be only vegetarian.

In Bulgaria moussaka is traditionally served with yogurt.

Here one Bulgarian variation of the recipe.
(serves 4)

you need:

800 gr of potatoes peeled and cut in cubes
400 gr minced meat (40% pork 60 % beef)
1 onion
4 green peppers
250 gr tomatoes or 100 ml tomato paste
Salt, olive oil, white pepper
*Tip: Use thyme for minced meat

for the topping:
400 gr yogurt,
2 eggs
3 spoons of wheat

yogurt, dill

how to:

In a non-stick wok fry the cut onion with a little salt until golden.
Add the minced meat and stir. Add thyme, salt, white pepper and after several minutes add the potato cubes and the cut green peppers.
Stew on medium heat and add the tomatoes and a cup of water.
Leave on medium heat until the potatoes are ready.

Meanwhile prepare the topping
Stir the eggs in a cup and add gradually yogurt and wheat. At the end add salt.

In a dish lay the potatoes and meat mixture and lay the milky topping. Back in a preheat oven for some 30 minutes until the topping becomes golden.

Garnish with dill
Serve with yogurt

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