Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My Post No 50! Chicken and Pasta Timbale

Still on the pasta wave as you see though no spaghetti at all :)
Instead fresh egg tagliatelle with tomato sauce and lemon and honey mustard chicken. Green onions and yellow pepper for a delicate touch ;)
I fancy the idea of operating my own pasta machinie, amd making fresh egg pasta, but now is definitely not the right moment for this. Maybe if I start working full time as chef I will reconsider the idea. (So speaking a Flickr fellow has recently asked me if I freelance, if anyone wants me to freelance :) please let me know ;)
Back to the point. Fortunately for me and all other cooks who don't own a pasta machine, there are some good people have already made wonderful fresh egg tagliatelle and don't mind selling them.
As tagliatelle are ready very fast I recomend you to start boiling them when the tomato sauce and chicken pieces are ready. The recipe serves 2-3.

for the chicken mix:
cut some 200 gr chicken breast in pieces and some 60 gr turkey breast in slices
Fry the chichen pieces in vegetable oil jointly with the fresh squeezed sauce f 1/2 a lemon, leave inmedium heat for several minutes, then add sliced yellow pepper and fresh onion. Add 2 tbsp of honey and mustard sauce andthen add the turkey slices.
Mix well and add about 250 gr of Greek style yogurt (better 7.0 pct fat, but 11 pct is also OK). Leave on the heat for several minutes until the chicken is ready.
In the meantime heat some 1 tbsp of olive oil in a sauce pan, add on small chopped onion and one finely diced celery stick. Cook for some 10 minutes and add 400 gr tomato puree, salt and pepper. Leave to simmer for more 10 minutes.

Bring 250 gr of fresh egg tagliatelle to the boil and boil al dente, drain and distribute in plates. Pour on them the tomato sauce and the chicken and turkey mix. Decorate with chopped fresh onion.

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