Friday, August 17, 2007

Surimi Sticks and Pasta Salad

How did this all start?
Well, I had about ten surimi sticks in the fridge and I needed to cook them fast until they were still suitable for consumption.
So I decided to try them in a kind of a light salad with pasta.
Maybe it would sound a sacrilege to all pasta lovers, but I really find spaghetti the most boring kind of pasta, that's why I don't do spaghetti. Never. I prefer penne or fusili instead. Even tagliatelle. But however this time I needed something different and my attention was attracted by the really nice farfalle, which I strongly recommend.
Well, two of the main ingredients are already here, what else can I need for a healthy kind of a salad? Some kind of a vegetables... why not a celery stick and half an onion.
And for the dressing I opted to use a combination between 3 spoons of Greek style creamy yogurt and 2 spoons of low-fat yogurt instead of the fatter cream, double cream or mayonnaise alternatives.
Here the complete instructions to this light and healthy salad, which can also be consumed as a starter or even a main dish :)
Cut the onion in tiny slices and add them to hot oil in a wok. In the meantime when the onion is becoming golden, cut the surimi sticks in small cubes, pour the juice of one lemon over them and then add everything to the frying onion. Pour on light soy sauce and stir well. Reduce to medium heat and leave for 2-3 minutes. Cut a celery stick in small pieces, the amount you would find appropriate, but not more than half a cup. Add them to the frying mixture and leave for more 3 minutes. In the meantime mix two teaspoons of honey, a teaspoon of wholegrain mustard and several drops of cider vinegar and add it to the surimi and stir well. Remove from the heat and add 3 spoons of thick Greek yougurt.
Bring about 1/2 litre of salted water to the boil and cook some 200 gr of farfalle.
Drain the cooked farfalle and mix them with the surimi mixture. If needed add more yogurt.
Sprinkle with finely chopped basil leaves and garnish with cherry tomatoes.

In such a way you obtain a salad (or main dish), which is rich in slow carbohydrates so you won't feel hunger for several hours, and in the same lighter than traditional mayonnaise sauces for pasta.


MCosta said...

Hi Alita...
I'm learning how to cook and learning new recipes everytime I visit your blog :)
Thank you so much.
Sweet kisses.
Miguel Costa

Alita said...

Ola! :)
I' happy I can be of help ;)
always welcome :D

villanelle said...

As always beautyful photos :-) Looks yummy!

I would like to try every of your recipe but I haven't enough time to do this. For all that I'll try to cook something, I promise :-)

Alita said...

:) Thank you Alexandra! :)

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