Thursday, July 17, 2008

Refreshing Summer Salad

The summer is here, although not necessarily every day in London, unfortunately :)
But when it's hot and it feels ... well, summery (at least according to the calendar), one needs freshness and aroma in one's diet.

So, just a ultra quick fruit salad, with a bit of crushed cardamom seeds to enhance the sweet fruity flavour, a bit of desalted feta-like cheese and fresh mint leaves.
And the star fruit in this recipe is the Cantaloupe melon for its sweet aromatic taste and orange flesh.

Serves 4

1 Cantaloupe melon - peeled and the flesh diced
125 gr Bulgarian cow cheese 55 % fat - soaked in water overnight to remove salt. This will also make the cheese texture silky.
the seeds from 2-3 pods of cardamom
fresh mint leaves

Mix all the ingredients and decorate a your own taste.
Then just enjoy.


Lizzie said...

this looks absolutely delightful...a must try! i love the bowls too

Patricia Scarpin said...

I have never tried cantaloup in salads, but I can say this is delicious just by looking at your photos!

Mel said...

this is simply amazing! perfect for the summer

Mango Power Girl said...

Beautiful photos...and did I say you are a cardamom addict ;) It's a good thing!

Alita said...

MPG, you know, I can't understand how I've been neglecting this herb for so long! :) :)

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