Tuesday, August 12, 2008

No Animal Products Gajar ka Halwa - Carrot Halwa

This is my vision of this traditional Indian sweet which is probably very far from the original stuff, but I enjoyed it very much :)
No animal products inside.

I have replaced the milk in the original recipe by sweetened organic soy milk - I really like its light and vegetable taste/compared to the taste of real milk. The other thing I replaced was the sugar - I used unrefined molasses sugar instead. Be careful not to put too many of it because its strong aroma will dominate every other taste very easily.

And instead of cashews I used blanched and flaked almonds. Next time I will probably try with pistachios.

And the recipe:

450 gr sweet carrots - peeled and grated
400 ml soy milk
80 gr unrefined molasses sugar
100 gr vegetable oil
crushed cardamom pods
80 gr flaked almonds

Heat the oil in a pan and add the grated carrots and fry for several minutes. Add the soy milk and continue stirring until the liquid evaporates. Add the sugar, mix well, and when everything is cooked well, remove from the heat. It tales about 20-30 minutes. Meanwhile add the cardamom seeds.
In a dry pan heat the flaked almonds, stirring carefully to avoid burning, until golden.
Fill half a mould with the carrot halwa, sprinkle with the flaked almonds and top with more halwa, and sprinkle again. I used two medium-sized heart-shaped moulds.
Leave overnight to set.

And enjoy :)


Mango Power Girl said...

Nice work! It looks beautiful and I am happy to see a vegan version...I almost did but then gave into a more traditional approach...Hoping my shots are half as decent as yours ;)

Ricardo Candeias said...

Saw your blog and it has indeed lovely foods I just love your deserts.
Anyway hope you have time to visit mine.
maybe you'll find something you may like to try.


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