Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Bakes

These Easter sweets didn't have to look exactly this way, but thankfully the taste was as I remembered it. The thing is I am trying to restore a long lost family recipe, which only my grand mother knew, but couldn't remember it anymore.
I used the same recipe from a couple of posts ago for kozunak with the slight difference that when the dough rises once, it is divided into small balls with oily hands, then make a braid using your hands roll it well in plenty of caster sugar and make a knot of it. Proceed the same way until the dough ends. Place the knots on oily tins sprinkled with flour and leave enough space between them to rise. Place the tins in a warm place for an hour. Before baking, glaze the knots with egg yolk and sprinkle with sugar generously.
Bake on 200 degrees Celsius until golden - if you prefer them softer, or until brown for crunchy texture.


Marianna said...

Did you celebrate Easter on April 19th? If so, HAPPY EASTER! Great to discover recipes from other Orthodox culinary habits... these cookies look delicious!

Ricardo said...

Gotta be the first ...yay...I love this bakes lovely biscuits ...I can imagine them with a nice latte. yum yum. thx for sharing. :) xxx

Alita said...

Hi Marianna, yes, we do :)
Happy Easter! :)

Hi Ricardo, I haven't thought of trying them with latte, but the idea sounds delicious! :)

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