Saturday, February 13, 2010

#10 Beetroot and orange fragrant soup

Do you remember the beetroot I used a couple of days ago. As I had some leftovers, had to used them somehow. Thus I found an unusual recipe for beetroot and orange soup. The fragrance is obtained by kefir lime leaves and pods of cardamom.

It's kind of unusual for what one would expect from a soup, but very original for those looking for new tastes.

You need For 4 servings

200 gr cooked beetroot - sliced
the juice of 2 Valencia oranges - with pulp

1 l vegetable stock - unsalted

8-9 pods cardamom
3 keffir lime leaves

2 tbsp corn flour

Bring the stock to the boil, add the sliced beetroot and heat through. Liquidise the beetroot in a blender. Return to the heat, the lime leaves and the cardamom pods (whole). Simmer for some 10 minutes. In another cup beat the corn flour with 3-4 tbsp cold water and add to the soup. Simmer for more 5 minutes. At the end add the juice of the 2 oranges with the pulp.

Leave aside to cool, drain and serve.

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