Saturday, July 10, 2010

#05 Very Aromatic Salad with French Dressing

Salads are so versatile, you can always create an original and unique dish out of an old favourite recipe only by adding or removing a two or three ingredients.
This salad can be vegetarian as well, if chicken is omitted or replaced with cheese cubes.
The combined aromas of fennel bulb - the light aniseed flavour, the delicate citrus flavour of the fresh basil complemented by the sweet aroma of the ripe yellow flesh nectarines create a tasty perfume that won't let you unimpressed :)
Aromatic Salad 1/2
Serves 2-3:

white cabbage about half medium one - the variety you can find in Turkish stores, not the heavy white cabbage sold in supermarkets.
one red endive
one white endive
1 fennel bulb with leaves
roast lemon chicken pieces
3 tbsp sunflower seeds and pine nuts
10-15 fresh sweet basil leaves
1 yellow flesh nectarines peeled and sliced

French dressing
1tbsp balsamic vinegar

salt to taste


Cut the cabbage in thin strips and crush them with salt lightly. Cut the endives reserving he tips of the leaves. Grate the fennel bulb and cut finely its leaves.
Mix everything well in a bowl.
Add the chicken pieces, cover with the reserved endive tips and cut basil leaves and sprinkle with the seeds.
Toss with the balsamic vinegar and cover well with the French dressing.
Serve immediately.


Chef Dennis said...

fruit in salads has become my new thing....yours looks delicious, such a great combination of flavors!!

Sneige said...

I'm new in this too, and I'm just amazed!

Joy said...

Your photos are just so wonderful to look at -- full of life and colors, I love it. I also love the name of this salad "very aromatic salad" kinda tickles my tastebuds just hearing it! Great job :)

Sneige said...

Thank you very much Joy!
I loved this salad so much too :)

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