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CutTheRope-Themed Carob Flour and Fresh Avocado Second Birthday cake

На български малко по-късно

Do your children play video games? Do they have a favourite game?
Playing games is considered my many parents as something bad and addictive for their kids, making them skip important tasks, but I think it is unavoidable and better try to keep it under control than totally deny it and make it the forbidden fruit. Besides, playing games can even be beneficial.

The cake is ready yaaay

Moreover if your dad works for the game development industry. Then you are two and already know how to use an iPhone (not that it is that difficult, I bet Apple tests it on babies to check how intuitive the whole thing is, :) this is a joke), you find yourself where the games are and you already have a favourite game!

In our case this is Cut The Rope with the cute green monster Om Nom.

The cake topper

The idea for the Cut the Rope cake came after I made the party invitations, so they don't really match.

As Thank You gifts, I tried to draw the cutesy monster on biscuits, thanks to Milena from Sweet Kingdom for the great tutorial and tutorial!

More iced biscuits before being wrapped recipe royal icing car flower dress omnom om nom cuttherope cut the rope game for iphone

And after wrapping they looked like this:

the Thank You biscuits wrapped recipe royal icing car flower dress omnom om nom cuttherope cut the rope game for iphone birthday party favours favors

Because this was my second time even touching to royal icing and working with it, they were not perfect. And they were also so complicated to make! :) I'd give myself a break from them for at least the next couple of months.

For the cake I used a cocoa/chocolate substitute - carob flour, which can be found in the healthy foods stores like Holland and Barret. For the cream - I wanted something that would give a nice greenish shade and naturally came up with the idea of an avocado. Besides, it's one of my son's faves as well.

Om Nom of CutTheRope cake

Because the sugarpaste on top of the cake is too sweet, not adding sugar in the cream, or adding just a little bit of it like 1-2 tbsp works really well, in case you are not into the deadly sweet cakes.

Piece of the cake - Carob flour with mango cream cheese cake recipe green chocolate substitute cocoa fake birthday cake sugar paste fondant

The base recipe for the cake and the instructions can be found in this post :

Instead of matcha powder I used carob flour, which is used as cocoa or chocolate substitute and is naturally caffeine free.

For the cream - instead of fresh mango - just mash 1 large ripe avocados into the cream.

To make this cake I doubled the dose from the recipe of Mango and Matcha cake because this one needed to have 20/23 pieces.

So just make this recipe twice:

4 eggs separated eggwhites and yolks

2/3 cup castor sugar
2/3 cup flour
2 tbsp carob flour
2/3 tsp baking powder

equipment - jelly pan 26x38cm lined with baking paper

for the cream:

200 gr Filadelphia cheese
300 gr double cream
250 g mascarpone cheese
2 tbsp icing sugar
grated skin of 1 lime
3-4 drops fresh lime juice

1 ripe avocado mashed

*These ingredients baked twice - so they give 6 strips of cake to roll.*

to cover the cake (this is the doubled quantity) :

buttercream made of 300 g real butter (no substitutes), 600 gr sifted icing sugar, 2 tbsp milk)

for the final cover (the doubled quantity):

750 gr regal icing

Follow these instructions how to proceed.

Despite the whimsical English weather we managed to make the picnic party and even the sun came out at the end!

Well, welcome year 3!


Milena said...

Да ти е живо и здраво детенцето и да се радва на безгрижно и щастливо детство! Личи си, че всичко е подготвено с много желание и любов! Тортата е много весела, а сладките са страхотни!
Пикникът със сигурност е бил голям успех!

Милена :-)

Sneige said...

Много ти благодаря!

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