Monday, May 16, 2011

Childhood Breakfast Reinvented - Baguette Fritters with a pinch of Cardamom and Cinnamon

When I need a quick snack I would rather make something that I know well from childhood, than to think of something new and more healthy.
So just adding a little bit of glamour to these baguette slice fritters with some powdered cardamom and cinnamon in the batter. And serve with tea and the remains of the tea-infused ganache which I used for the Earl Grey chocolates the other day.

Are childhood foods really more unhealthy than the current snacks and breakfast options? What do you think?

Childhood Breakfast Reinvented fried fritters baguette rolls cinnamon cardamom пържени филии франзела photo

Когато трябва да се направи някаква закуска набързо първо се сещам за добре познати рецепти от детството ми, от колкото да измисля някаква съвременна по-здравословна опция.
Към панировката за обикновените пържени филии (използвам франзели нарязани на колелца 1.5 см дебелина), прибавям една щипка смлян кардамон и една щипка канела. Пържа в олио до златисто.
За разкош сервирам с ганаш инфюзнат с чай Ърл Грей.

Наистина ли храните, с които сме свикнали от детството си, са по-нездравословни от сегашните варианти за закуска, какво мислите?


B@cookingsimplechineseathome said...

I think the message I left before wasn't saved :((
Love your recipes and photos, so beautiful, make me feel like to reach and eat now! :))
I love this recipe, going to try this Sunday. :)

Sneige said...

Thank you!
I now see I didn't post the exact recipe but it's 2 eggs with cardamom and cinnamon. Turn the baguette slices in the eggs and fry. But the baguette needs to be 2-3 days old. I am not sure how a fresh baguette will do...
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful breakfast treat!

Anonymous said...

A much nicer version of the french toast...I must give this a try...Love your blog...beautiful pictures and love your recipes too...

Sneige said...

Thank you very much guys!
We called them (and still do) fried bread slices :)

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