Thursday, September 01, 2011

Food Bloggers Connect 2011 and some Links

Blogging is a lonely job although the subscribers and the ability to receive and post comments make it a little more interactive. But to be physically in the same place with other people who blog about food, no matter if some that you've never heard about their blog before, or some that you've been reading for years, this is a one of a kind experience.
I had high expectations on the 2011 edition of the food bloggers conference FBC held in London Aug 12-14 and they were met. The venue was the elegant design hotel Hempel, the people were friendly, the food was fabulous, the sponsors were generous, the presentations were interesting and in the end I was offered a prize!
My new friend Artemis from Wonderfoodland asked me if I would attend the Masterclass with chef Omar Allibhoy instead of her as she lives in Greece. Could I say No?! :) So I am going to the Spanish tapas Masterclass in October and will be blogging about it after that.

I would like to share with you the interesting people and their blogs I met (in no particular order), check them out!

The most beautiful artisan chocolates I have ever seen - Leila Brandao 

La dolce vita the Greek way Artiemis from Wonderfoodland

The American with German passport Karin from Yum and more

Reviews on chocolate, chocolates and everything chocolaty Mostly about chocolate

Kira from Kazakhstan combining style and cooking from Cook for Style 

Entertaning to read the stories of American Jennifer Eremeeva who decided to live in Rusia  

Fabulous recipes and photos Ren Behan from Fabulicious Food 

Bettany from Dirty Kitchen Secrets - The main organiser we have to thank!

Czeh food blogger and photographer Sarka Babicka from Cook your Dream

Creative and original Regula behind Foodwise from Belgium

Pioneering video blogger Nando from Cuca Brazuca

Inspiring Jaden from Steamy Kitchen

Restaurant reviews from all over the globe Mayssam behind Will travel for food

Sarah from Maison cupcake

Cookbook reviews from Gretchen of Culinaria Libris 

Two beautiful blogs from Tuscany: Emiko Davies and Giulia Scarpaleggia of Jul's Kitchen 

Brit Sally living and blogging from Dubai behind My Custard Pie 

Zoe from Paris behind Gourmande Abroad

Dutch blogger and photographer Simone from cook and travel blog Junglefrog Cooking 

Arti from Soul curry

Zita from Hungary behind the vegetarian blog Zizi's Adventures

Young and enthousiastic fusion chef Caroline Artiss

And the major sponsors Cuisinart UK and Olives from Spain, the amazing Firefly tonics and celebrity chef Anjum Anand.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the links you shared.I would love to go to event like this.Up to now I only imagine people:))

Sneige said...

It was great! Definitely go if you find some in your area!

Regula said...

Hello there!
It was do much fun at FBC!
Thanks for the link love

Paul (GetMeCooking) said...

Reading your list of bloggers, it's nice to see that everyone is unique - i.e. blogging about a niche area :-)

It was a good event. The presentations were interesting and meeting other bloggers was really fun.

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