Thursday, September 01, 2011

Trufflehead application for iPhone iPad and the Teriyaki Salmon

A few months ago I contributed to an iPhone and iPad application called Trufflehead, which is aimed at aspiring and young cooks. The application includes 240 speciality recipes including gluten-free, dairy free, low-calorie, how-to's, shopping lists, etc.

I was asked to review some of the app Founder's original recipes and I chose the Teriyaki Salmon and Turkey Kebabs. I did some modifications to them but both recipes were delicious and foolproof.
I did some modifications to them like adding Pomegranate molasses (you know, that bottle I still have) to the teriyalki marinade. You can find my reviews here and here.

After months in development the application is now live and will be available on iTunes on September 12, 2011. However up to that date it is available at 50% discount at the moment on the iTunes store.

The application also supports a website where you can share your opinion on the recipes and connect with other users from the community.

Good luck to Trufflehead and I hope t will help more people to learn how to cook and enjoy and celebrate food and life!


Dzoli said...

Good choice.Both recepies seem interesting and yummy:)

Anonymous said...

I love salmon and yours looks delicious!

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