Sunday, June 16, 2013

Strawberry Lemonade


It's mid June already and the British summer is still difficult to spot. It's breezy, quite cool, rainy and sunshine is scarce and sporadic. And so the piles of suncream tubes and bottles in the stores look a bit out of proportion.

But the summer is somewhere out there - you can sense it by the people wearing sleeveless tops, cropped pants and shorts, flip flops and sandals, picnic rugs and of course by the smell of British strawberries which are finally in season.

It's finally that time of the year when the strawberries have conquered the stores piled in their neat little punnets and bursting with fragrance, colour and flavour. It's even more astonishing when compared to the rest of the *seasonal* fruit which, let's face it, are like made of plastic - no taste, no fragrance.

But strawberries are different - they are real and at their best at the moment - they just have to be enjoyed.
And why not try a all natural summery refreshing drink with a hope to attract the summer? I am talking about strawberry lemonade.


It can be served over ice and sweetened with brown sugar or honey to taste with a slice of lime for its exotic warming aroma which always reminds me of a hint of cinnamon.

Do give it a go!


Strawberry Lemonade

(serves 6-8)

300 g fresh strawberries
the freshly squeezed juice of 6 medium lemons (or 4 large) 
1/2 cup light golden sugar
1.250 l water
fresh mint leaves 
1-2 limes to garnish 



Squeeze the lemons and blend the strawberries in a blender. Dissolve the sugar in the water.
Combine the lemon juice, water and strawberries in a bowl and stir until homogeneous.
Decorate with the mint leaves and limes.
Serve over ice or with pieces of fresh strawberries. 



karin@yumandmore said...

This looks delicious Sneige and I can smells those strawberries! this should bringvthe summer sun at least into our bellies. pretty pics too. xox

Petya said...

Невероятно, не предполагах, че си такъв кулинар.
И снимките ли правиш ти?

Sneige said...

Да, аз снимам :) Мерси и се радвам, че са ти харесали :)

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