Thursday, July 04, 2013

Goldfish cheese crackers

goldfish crackers

 For my son's birthday which was Pingu-themed my friend from Lollipop Sweet Ideas who was doing the papers and sweet table design suggested I put some golden fish crackers with a label "Feed the Penguins"That was a great idea, the only problem was that no fish crackers can be found in the UK, so I just had to make them. The fish shape cutter proved to be a problem as well as I was not very happy to pay ten bucks on a fish cutter (+postage) but thankfully I came across a tutorial how to make your own cookie cutter from an empty can, so that's what we did! And it wasn't in any way difficult or complicated! The recipe for the fish crackers is easy as well - it's the simplest ever - only three ingredients - butter, cheese and flour. Now to make the fishes slightly orange I used Red Leicester cheese.

  red leicester fish crackers

 So here is my Recipe:

Gold Fish crackers with Red Leicester

 (yields: depending on the size - mine was miniature to medium (2.5-3 cm)- around 60)

170 g Red Leicester cheese - grated 
70 g softened unsalted butter 
100 g plain flour 
 optional - black sesame seeds or caraway seeds to use as eyes. 


Combine all products into a homogeneous ball. Roll a 0.5 cm layer on a lightly floured surface and cut shapes with the cutter. Make the remaining dough into a ball again and repeat. Do this until there is no more dough left. 
If the dough is difficult to cut because it is too soft - put in the fridge covered in plastic bag for 20-30 minutes then proceed. 
If using seeds for eyes - pinch them into the shapes right before they go into the oven. Place the cracker shapes on a baking sheet and bake for 15 minutes on 170 degrees. 

 That's it! Very easy.


Bety said...

Ароматни и вкусни! А и страхтно лятно настроение носят тези бисквитки! Идейно снимани в тази кофичка! Хубаво и топло лято, Снежи!

Sally - My Custard Pie said...

It makes me wish that my teens were into little birthday parties again. Actually I think they'd love these. Great idea.

Sneige said...

Thanks Sally! They were very popular and so easy to make! :)

Sneige said...

Мерси, Бети! Страхотно е да можеш да се направиш собствени формички!

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