Tuesday, September 21, 2010

And this is how NOT to enter the Project Food Blog Competition

Well, after all, yesterday I knew I didn't enter the Project Food Blog competition for this year. And these are some easy steps to show you how NOT to enter the competition:

1. Be sure to misread and misunderstand every possible sentence in the guidelines of the contest.
So when the challenge guidelines read :"to create a blog post explaining...", firmly believe that you have to create that blog post in your blog (where else?!) and do not suppose even for a moment that in fact that blog post actually had to be submitted via the Foodbuzz system.

2. If you however have any doubts about should you or should you not submit it through the system, believe that being a Featured Publisher (you have to be to access the contest) ensures your new posts are automatically entered through the above mentioned system.
But don't double check!

3. Spend hours to look for pieces of information, contact persons on the website of Foodbuzz in case you need help on some topics, they when you still can't find what you're looking for, just forget about it until the contest deadline ends.

4. Do not bother to contact the people (we assume you finally found how to contact them) asking if your entry has been accepted, although you have not received any confirmation e-mail from them.

5. Wait until the deadline has ended and then notice that your name is not among the contestants that entered the first challenge, ha!

6. And finally, be a new parent.
Everybody knows that new parents have limited capabilities to concentrate as well as limited "free" time. That will surely help you a great deal to miss the contest!

After all, missing the contest is not that bad. It seems that of all 1,890 registered contestants, only 600 made it to actually enter the first challenge.
Missing the contest means you are still with two thirds of the registered contestants who for one reason or another couldn't actually compete. :)

Well, that was for this year's contest, probably see you next year!


Maren said...

oh, I'm so sorry, that's awful. I was really confused and was questioning myself the whole time I submitted my entry. It was really confusing and I only just made it.

Sneige said...

Well, I hope next time they make it a bit clearer :)
And on the other hand I will already be aware of these hidden obstacles :D
Best of Luck with the competition to you!

Sneige said...

I somehow missed to notice the photo submission requirement as well!

Anna said...

Oh Dear! This post is cute as it can be, I'm sorry you missed,but don't feel bad. I'm blogging for almost 3 years now, and still don't know how to fully use all the networking around. I was on Foodbuzz for a year when one of the friends asked me why I wasn't sending my posts on Foodbuzz? Yep! A whole year without even notice all the action around me. How about that? LOL.

Sneige said...

Anna, LOL :) It's really confusing isn't it! :D
I was so excited about the competition and looking forward to it for months and I didn't expected it to end SO fast, LOL :)
But it's OK now, I will pay a close eye to it as a voter, hehe :)
Best of Luck to you too!

Reeni said...

I'm sorry that happened to you! I was surprised too that only 600 were in it when there should of been more like 2000. Congratulations on your new baby!

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