Friday, September 17, 2010

Foodbuzz Project Food Blogger Challenge # 1: Ready, Set, Blog!

This year I am participating for the first time in the Project Food Blog 2010 on FoodBuzz. I am competing with more than 1,800 contestants in the first challenge which is to create a blog post that explains what defines me as a food blogger.
Here we go!

When I first started this blog it was with the intention to keep selected favourite recipes handy and accessible from anywhere Internet connection is available.
This also saves me the trouble to have my recipe books lost somewhere between all the places I have lived in.
Eventually I loved the idea to share the successes I had in the kitchen with the world, actually cooking and sharing have so much in common. To cook is to enjoy life and to share.
When I cook I like to keep things simple and to improvise and experiment a lot. I am mainly inspired by traditional ethnic cuisines and my favourite recipes come from around the place where I have spent my childhood - the Balkans - a mix of the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern tastes - and from the South East Asian cuisine. The first for sentimental reasons and treasured memories and the second for the healthy and balanced way of nutrition they are promoting.
When it comes to blogposts, I like to keep things straight to the point. As a busy person I can't afford to much time to read very extensive blog posts and I usually skip to the recipe and pictures, so I have decided my blog should provide the actual recipe with the real ingredients and the photo to complement it. No make-up, only real stuff. And I hope the recipes are easy to follow and imagine how the dishes should look at the end.
A nice recipe deserves a nice photo and this has sent me to an amazing journey through food photography and food styling, during which I have learned so much about photography and cooking and light and the art in general :)
And I have met so many fellow food lovers, food stylists and photographers and food bloggers along the way and made many friendships! It is so exciting to share experience with other people and to get in touch and be part of the cooking and photographing community.
My aim is to continue sharing my culinary successes with the community, to continue learning about cooking and photography, to be inspired and probably to inspire other people too :)
So, please vote for me in the Project Food Blog 2010! I need your votes!

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